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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

“It was surprisingly quick! I started seeing results within the first month of fully engaging with the Droptise services.”

Was it hard to onboard?

“Not at all. The onboarding process with Droptise was streamlined and user-friendly. I got up and running in a few days. To be honest, the store itself being approved took longer than the actual onboarding and training.”

How is it different from just the regular dropshipping?

“The key difference here is their planning and automated software. It felt super quick and easy. I thought it was going to take longer but it took me 1 hour on my first day and most likely 15 minutes in the subsequent days. Their Product Research Team really took the time to make things happen.”

How much did you make?

“In my first month alone, I made an impressive $937.11. It’s been a game changer for me.”

What kind of support did you receive?

“The support was phenomenal. The team at Droptise provided personalized guidance and was always there to answer my questions. There was this one time I freaked out when a refund was asked. They calmly navigated me through it.”

How long did it take to start?

“Took me around 4 days to get my store open. After completing the paperwork, it took me a day and a half for the whole onboarding! Technically I was ready in 2 days but seeing that first sale going through the very first day made all the difference for me.”